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KC Prime is committed to ensuring that players of all levels have the opportunity to get the best soccer experience possible. Our belief is to provide a positive and fun environment to develop technical and tactical soccer skills and personal social skills in a safe atmosphere. The Club encourages passion and enthusiasm for the game of soccer and promotes respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, fans and self.

Our recreational program is an excellent way to introduce the sport to players who have not played before, or are unsure about making the next step towards competitive soccer. Focusing on individual development, our recreational program places our players in a fun, low-stress environment where they can develop not only soccer skills, but also social skills, improving their confidence on and off the field!

Our recreational soccer program is offered to players from U8-U12. We play in both the spring and fall seasons and features training sessions during the week and games on the weekend. Games are played at Wallace Park, our excellent grass facility next to the Belton High Blue Wellness Center (16400 N Mullen Rd, Belton, MO).

For any additional questions you may have, please feel free to check out our Parent FAQ’s section or contact our Recreational Play Manager, Kevin Goodman at kgoodman@kcprime.org

Parent Facts

How do I register my child?
Click on this link here: https://kcprime.demosphere-secure.com/_registration

-Create a parent profile first

     -Register a participant

        -Create player profile

            -Register for the season's recreational league

What do you offer for my child?
With our recreational soccer program, players are placed in a fun, low-stress environment where they have the opportunity to learn the game for the first time and build their confidence on and off the field to make the next step up to competitive, if they are interested.

What days do you play games?
All recreational teams are scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday games. Sunday games do not begin before noon.

Where are games played?
All Recreational games are played at Wallace Park, our home field! The address is 16400 N Mullen Rd, Belton, MO. It can also be found by visiting our Field Locations section of the website.

When do we practice?
Once assigned to a team, your coach will contact you regarding the details of when you will practice. With games on the weekend, practice will normally be on weekday evenings.

Where do we practice?
Practice locations will also be decided by your coach. We are lucky to have many great parks in the area that many of our teams use, and your coach will let you know which location once the season begins!

What does it cost to play?
$90 Per Season


Am I expected to coach if I register my child without a coach in mind?
No parent is expected to coach. However, if you are interested in coaching a team or team(s), please feel free to contact our Recreational Director, at club@kcprime.org. The success of our club is in no small part due to our volunteers, and we are always grateful for anyone who wants to dedicate their time to help the future of our young boys and girls. KC Prime also offers free training for any coaches within our club, ensuring that all of our coaches can offer excellent training to our players!  

NEW THIS YEAR - Our licensed KC Prime Soccer club Coaches will be participating in a mentoring program with our parent coaches to help with practices and team management.

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