Prime Kicks Overview

The Prime Kicks and Baby Prime Kicks program is a early child development program based around the game of soccer. Using our highly successful age appropriate curriculum, correct technique is taught in a fun, but realistic way. You will be amazed at how quickly your child develops the basic skills that provide stepping stones for playing the game of soccer. As technique improves each session also includes a small sided game to put skills learned into a game situation. Our classes last 45 min - 1 hour and incorporate a wide range of activities designed to engage your child so they play, and learn in a fun, and safe environment.

Baby Prime Kicks

Age 18 months - 24 months (Parent Participation) Class Duration 45 min

Classes indulge each Child's natural curiosity and playfulness while introducing them to the beautiful game of soccer. Activities are geared towards a toddlers unique way of learning and include imagination games, bubbles, parachutes and lots of scoring goals.

Mini Prime Kicks

Age 2 - 3 (parent participation) Class Duration 45 min.

Parents participate in their child's first important steps in physical fitness such as kicking the ball in a given direction, running and moving the ball with their feet, controlling the ball and shooting on goal. These basic elements of soccer are taught through various fun activities, exercises and fun games. We aim to instill all players with a sense of confidence, coordination, friendship and a deep love for the game to enhance their "want" to move to the next level.

Little Prime Kicks

Age 3.5 - 4 (Class duration 1 hour + Game Day)

We continue to develop techniques such as passing, dribbling, turning with the ball, and shooting through fun small sided games.  Not only is every child physically active, but they will also have opportunities to explore with a ball at their feet.  Through exploration, the "Little Prime Kickers" will have several opportunities to put these newly acquired techniques into a real game.  Teams are kept small to insure maxim touches on the ball for each player, and insure all young players are involved. We also introduce basic rules and soccer terms to further develop whole soccer players for their next step in their soccer journey. Players are also placed on a team for small sided games referred to as  "Game Days"

Prime Kicks

Age 5 - 6 (Class Duration 1 hour + Game Day)

Our age appropriate curriculum provides a sound base for progression to the next level. We combine movement and soccer skills with, health and social interaction.  We continue to teach basic motor skills, technique, agility, and show each player how to put these skills into game situations.  Players are also placed on a team for small games which are referred to as "Game Day"


"See You All On The Field" Stewart Cunningham (Youth Director)