About Us

Core Values

KC Prime is committed to ensuring that all players are given the right soccer experience based on their individual needs. With our competitive MRL teams, our Heartland and KC Metro teams, and our vibrant Youth Academy and Recreational program, our goal is to provide every child the best soccer experience.

In the Fall of 2009, we merged with the Belton Parks and Recreation Department. This has afforded the Club additional resources and facilities in our quest to provide an excellent standard of training while being accessible for all, thanks to our non-profit status.

Convenience and Affordability

KC Prime is  focused on offering the highest standard of training at the most affordable price. Thanks to our partnership with the Belton Parks and Recreation Department and our status as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 soccer club we have been afforded excellent facilities and resources to offer our players and staff.

Vision Statement

KC Prime is committed to a positive and fun environment to develop technically proficient and tactically aware soccer players and personal social skills in a safe atmosphere. The Club encourages passion and enthusiasm for the game of soccer and promotes respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, fans and self.

If you have questions or special requests, please email us at club@kcprime.org or call 816-974-7108